Contract And Tenure Disputes

Contract And Tenure Disputes Attorney

Any business needs contracts with its stakeholders: suppliers, customers, creditors and certain employees. These are generally promised to provide goods or services in the future. When you rely on such an expectation, you may suffer losses if the promise is broken.

The more complicated the business, however, the more complicated the contracts usually are. They may be subject to different interpretations. A breach of contract can be minor or material, merely reducing the benefits you obtain, or eliminating any benefits the contract would have provided.

If your business has suffered losses due to another party breaching a contract with you, you may have recourse in legal action. The first step in attempting a remedy is communication with the other party. If the terms of the contract cannot now be carried out, monetary damages may be in order. An experienced lawyer should be retained for communication/negotiation.

Employment Contract And University Tenure Disputes

Most employees do not have a contract but are rather “at-will” employees. They can be let go for any reason except an illegal reason such as discrimination. If you do have a contract, it was probably written by the employer’s legal department to favor the employer.

College and university professors have contracts that specify their rights and obligations. Their work is not nine-to-five, or even year-round like most of our duties. Tenure is unique to higher education. It is a career-long contract promising security for the professor. One doesn’t get tenure immediately, however.

If you have been denied tenure, and you suspect an unfair or illegal reason, contact us. Many have suspected they were denied due to discrimination, comments they have made or other reasons.

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