Appellate Advocacy

Premier Appellate Advocacy

Attorney Scott D. Wilson is a knowledgeable and effective advocate in complex appellate cases involving constitutional law, employment, insurance coverage, personal injury, intellectual property, contract and business disputes, and class actions. He is skilled legal counsel who can write, present and defend a thoroughly researched and analyzed appellate brief, fully defending it through highly articulate oral arguments for an audience of experienced judges.

A Wealth Of Experience

He has been involved as a lawyer in more than 35 appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, two petitions for writs to the United States Supreme Court, and numerous appeals and writ applications to Louisiana state appellate courts and the Louisiana Supreme Court. Because of this experience, he is very familiar with the procedural intricacies of the appellate courts. His landmark cases speak of the depth and breadth of his appellate experience.

Personalized And Comprehensive Legal Service

As a solo practitioner, Scott D. Wilson does all appellate work personally, and considers appellate referrals from other lawyers as well as clients. He operates with lower overhead than large law firms and can offer less expensive fee arrangements, often including fixed, or flat, fees for appellate work. He does not handle appeals in criminal, family law, workers’ compensation, juvenile, immigration, bankruptcy or pro se matters. To find out more about Scott D. Wilson, A Professional Law Corporation’s appellate services or schedule an initial consultation, give us a call at 225-614-3114 or contact us online.